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SoC not displaying from EVNotify

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ABRP stopped updating SoC, 

- evnotify on phone reads SoC from ODB successfully., set up to run in background mode.

- web.evnotify.de shows SoC successfully, updating periodically every 10 secs or so.

- looking at settings within web.evnotify.de shows i am connected to ABRP integration, (already reviewed privacy and granted permission, almost feels like the permission needs to be re-flashed ) 

Using premium, latest ABRP 4.0.39, phone Android pixel 4a, running Android 11.   

Car VW id3.

Have reset data within app, and reinstalled all to no avail.

Any way to see last message sent or received from evnotify.de to ABRP via the web service?







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on web.evnotify.de you can see past charges and drives. This allows you to identify till when evnotify received data succesfully.

Likewise in ABRP under my drives you can see you history. 

Comparing those two should show you in which step the issue occurs.



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Thanks, I can see the EVNOTIFY information on past drives but nothing in ABRP, I have only just set up the premium account within the last week, Currently don’t have any past drives logged on ABRP, however one that worked (the first and only one)has now disappeared... 

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Hi, I'm using Abrp beta for android but I'm unable to get the evnotify info into the app. Evnotify app is working and the info is available through the evnotify web interface. Is abrp premium needed? (It was working 1month ago but stopped working after that)


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