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Tesla Login Wackup?


Hello ABRP

Since a few month, I got the impression, that ABRP is waking up my Tesla whenever i start ABRP.

Before that, ABRP does only get data from the car, if it's online anyway, without active Wackup.

Did you change the behaviour? I would like to see no Wackup, since this leads to massive battery usage in the car. During simulation of routes, where i don't need active Wackup.







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Hi @Jojo,

We try our best not to wake the car up or ask when not necessary. After we've gotten information on that the car is/has been inactive we wait a bit before asking whether or not it is asleep, so that we do not keep it awake. Once we've confirmed it is asleep we'll only ask to check if it is still asleep, we will not forcibly wake it up.

Turning on "Always log" "Save my activity" will have ABRP ask more frequently to keep track but we still take precautions to not wake the car when not necessary. Should you however use the car in planning, we will check up on the car to get the live SoC.

And, of course if you stop using ABRP (on any device, logged into the account which the car is linked to) we will stop asking completely after 24 hours until you use the app again.

So, in conclusion: we do our very best to not drain your battery and choosing whether or not to turn on "Always log" "Save my activity" and choosing when to use the app are ways that users can impact how often we retrieve data.

Have you perhaps started using any other services/apps connected to your Tesla?


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thanks for the explanation.

strangely enough, month ago I used ABRP to find out, if the car is sleeping. In the live data I could always see, when the car was online the last time. Since a few month shortly after opening the live data, the car is always awake. 

Something has changed. I do not run other services. I will check "always log"


Add1: where do I find "anyways log"?





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