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Reference consumption changing with temperature

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I recognized, that the reference consumption is changing with the real world temperature, even when I adjust the outside temperature in the app.
I would assume that the referance consumption should always be the same and the outside temperature in the app should take care of heating ect.
For my case, when its 0°C outside (real world and adjusted in app) I have 168 Wh/km and in Summer I have 161 Wh/km.
Shouldnt the road conditions incl. the changed outside temperature take care for this? This makes planning a little bit uncertain.
(Same tyres ect.)
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I use live data with the outside temperature coming from the car.

As far as I experience it since 40.000km changing the temperature in ABRP has not enough influence on the consumption. 

When it's getting colder outside I need to raise the reference consumption. 

Outside temperature in abrp is always set to the real value.

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