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Live data integration into ABRP itself

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Description:  Instead of using a separate app to get live data from the car and onto the internet I would like ABRP to connect to the OBD2 dongle directly to improve ease of use

Use Case: Since Carplay is added ABRP is a real alternative for routeplanning during the trip. However for the not so tech savy the chain of OBD2 dongle - live data retrieval and upload app (e.g. Torque / Evnotify) - internet access - abrp app is too cumbersome. So e.g. my wife will not use ABRP. If it would only require to run the abrp app and a check if the obd2 dongle is on, she would be fine.

Remember, the more details you can add, the faster we can build out new features!

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That would be a great feature indeed!. If needed i can help with BMW i3 and MINI Cooper Electric integration via bluetooth ODB. It is also on github (not my page BTW) :


The AT commands for the ELM327 are listed, as well as the PID codes to get information like SOC, Voltage Current (and therefore power) and also speed, SOH etc. basically all the info ABRP needs. 

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It would be a great feature... I will get ABRP Premium to use on my VW ID3 if I could have live data from the car or live data from a OBD2 Dongle.

At the moment cannot use my iPhone to connect OBD2 and ABRP and CarPlay.


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This is something we have talked a bit about, and we only want to do if it can be done well, and cross-platform (IE, not just Android, but iOS too).  Most recently we've been focusing on a relatively cheap device - the Freematics One+ though we haven't had the development time to focus on it yet:


The end goal would be to have a device which is cheap(ish) to buy, simple to set up, and very versatile.  The Freematics would be able to do remote cell-connected data and direct BLE data to the app, depending on your scenario.  This is the ideal setup to us.

We're also not opposed to building in more basic BT OBD support to the app, but again we're development time constrained.  We're happy to bring on extra help if anyone is familiar with iOS code and would like to help make that a reality.  We've got the OBD and Android experience to make that happen, but not yet iOS, and we only want to do it if can be done on both sides (and done well).

  If anyone is interested in pitching in on either of these projects we're happy for the help, shoot me an email at jason@abetterrouteplanner.com

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I agree with the original poster.  It is just too cumbersome to use live data.   I did find one (sort of) method: Namely run EVNotify (on iOS) and get the current SOC.  Then let it stop when the screen goes dark.  That way ABRP gets the initial SOC and seems to keep estimating it from there on (and does an ok job with that).

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