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Supercharger Prices in Europe outdated

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Hi there,

Noticed that supercharger prices in Germany and other European countries are outdated.

See https://netherlandsnewslive.com/tesla-increases-charging-costs-of-tesla-superchargers-by-15-to-20/81417/


e.g Germany: 0.33€ -> 0.36€

Seems they're different per station.

Is there a way to specify prices manually and/or use the correct prices?



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I noticed that this post is quite old but I have the same problem, also in Germany.

The current price is between 0.40€ and 0.50€ per kWh but ABRP uses prices between 0.70€ and 0.80€ per kWh even if I add the "Owner price" charging card.

When does this get updated or is there an option to set the price manually?


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