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Table of Results


The table of results for a trip below has at the bottom the output statistics for the trip.  The total energy consumed in kWh and the energy consumption in Wh/km.

I know the battery size of the car which is 87.4 kWh and I know the distance travelled is 173 km..

If I take the Arrival SOC and Depart SOC and try to calculate the energy consumed, if there is a charging station on the route, I can never calculate the number shown.  My number is always higher.

For instance

The Depart SOC is 100%

The Arrival SOC at the charger is 59%

The Departure SOC at the charger is 85%

The Arrival SOC at the destination is 56%

Therefore the total energy consumed is

          (100- 59) * 87.4 = 35.8

          (85-56)* 87.4     = 25.4

61.26 kWh

The out put in the table says 55.9 kWh


Does someone know the reason for the difference?

Trip Results.JPG

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