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Optimize charging cost for my trip, is there a setting?


Planning a trip through Indiana and Illinois, my ABRP itinerary has these Tesla Supercharger stops:

  • Indianapolis IN, 7 minutes, 51% to 63% (+12 points), $1.92 (16¢/point)
  • Champaign IL, 43 mins, 16% to 85% (+69), $18.01 (26¢/pt)
  • Davenport IA, 14 mins, 15% to 47% (+32), $3.63 (11¢/pt)

The Champaign SC price/kWh (26¢/%added) appears to be significantly higher than the Indianapolis SC price/kWh (16¢/%added). So, I'm thinking it would make economic sense to charge longer at Indianapolis—maybe to 90% or, until I see amps or mi/hr drop?—enabling a shorter charge at Champaign. (Yes, I could reduce my Charger Arrival SoC setting to shift some charging to Davenport, too.)


  1. I'm guessing ABRP is all about optimizing time; is there a setting to take cost into consideration? I'd like to see an option to optimize cost where the time penalty is < n minutes (user-specified, similar to Charging Overhead).
  2. Does ABRP continually collect pricing data from users' cars to ensure the accuracy of its Supercharger cost estimates?

Thanks for any help with this.

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Hi @RichRinCR,

Currently we unfortunately don't have too good insight in Tesla's pricing. We therefore use the standard pricing per state in the US/Canada and in the rest of the world per country. Regarding the mentioned chargers pricing is:

Indianapolis, IN: High (>60kW) $0.26/min, Low (<60kW) $0.13/min
Champaign, IL: $0.28/kWh
Davenport, IA: High (>60kW) $0.26/min, Low (<60kW) $0.13/min

So, based on what we know chargers in Illinois charge per kWh hence the price will differ. Should this have changed, please let us know and we'll have it updated.

1. Since the pricing information we currently have isn't very reliable, adding the option to make planning based on pricing could currently lead to incorrect decisions. However it is something we'd like to add once we've got accurate and updated pricing data.

2. No, that is as far as we know not possible.


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