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Bug - Several charging stations in the same wrong location

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Description: Several charging stations in the same wrong location
Type: In App and on Desktop
Link to Plan: N/A
Replication Steps:

View charging stations near "Grüner Kuhweg", Cologne, Germany. Several fast chargers are marked in a field behind some rail tracks.

The adress for the charging station seems correct, but the pin on the map shows up in said field and is used for routing. 

Example charging points that are in that location:

  • Charging Station Stadtwerke Iserlohn GmbH [innogy], An der Silberkuhle 2, Schwerte, DE
  • Münster, Bohlweg - AC [Westfalen AG], Bohlweg 70-72, Münster, De
  • Schwimmweg, Dortmund [chargecloud], Schwimmweg 2b, Dortmund, DE


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