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San Jose - Seattle trip - my first long distance/overnight journey

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I’ve owned a 2017 Chevy bolt for 4 years and this is my first long distance drive.  I thought I’d throw my plan out there for feedback from far more experienced long distance drivers than me.
Going from Saratoga, CA to Sammamish, WA (863 miles/1388km) in two approximately 10 hour hops.  Leaving end of March.
Saratoga to Grants Pass 9hr 51m, 4 stops.
Choosing Grants Pass because it is about 1/2 way but also there are 7 chargers in Grants Pass should any particular charger be unavailable, there are backup chargers nearby.
Stay overnight in Grants Pass at any of 3 hotels that have J1772 chargers.
Very nearby is a Fred Meyers and a Walmart both with Fast chargers.
Leaving GP with 100% charge
From Grants Pass to Sammamish, WA 9hr 57m
Arriving with 20% SoC
Cautions: Making sure not to go if there is snow over the passes as I don't have snow tires.
Does this sound like a reasonable plan?
I’ve not stayed overnight at a hotel with my car charging and am wondering as to the protocol.  I am guessing that I can’t reserve a room AND a charging spot.  So, any recommendations on how to most effectively choose a hotel where you can successfully charge?  Maybe best not to have a reservation and just scope it out when I arrive?
Other feedback welcome.
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Check plugshare for lodging.  An easy way to do this to click on the "triple equals" button on the upper left part of the page.  Then go into the "Amenities" filter and select "Lodging".  On the "Plugs" filter, choose "J1772" and if you are equipped for it, "NEMA 14-50" and "Wall".  A number of places show up around Grants Pass.

Protocol is typically "first come, first served".

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