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Tim pickles

ABRP "Send Route To Tesla"

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Hoping someone can help me. I have the ABRP premium subscription and a M3 running 2021.4.11. On my pretty IoS ABRP is a route sharing option for "Send. To Tesla". I can't find a definite answer as to whether this sends the ABRP planned to the M3 navigation. I've seen talk of browsers, chasing defaults and all sorts, so please just treat me like a 5 year old - if if Send to Tesla, when I fire up the M3 will the ABRP route be on the Tesla nav? The App says it's been sent - is this the case? Fingers crossed.....

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I know you can pick a destination in Google Maps and then send it to the Tesla app (which delivers it to your car).  I don't believe there is anyway to send a ROUTE to the app or the car.

The Tesla navigation app (in the car) is in beta and does not even support trips with waypoints (i.e. you can't ask it for a stop on the way to your final destination) so I'd be surprised if it can import and entire route.

Is there a reason you don't just run ABRP in the browser in the car?

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Hi @Tim pickles,

Sorry for the very late reply! Yes, the ABRP route will be sent to your Tesla's navigation system.

However, just as @Ecurb mentioned there's currently no support for waypoints in the Tesla navigation system.

But if you activate sharing while a navigation is ongoing, the app will be able to keep sending instructions after reaching a waypoint. That is, after reaching the first waypoint the app will send data about the second waypoint to the Tesla nav automatically.


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