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Reference consumption


My reason for testing this is to see how much effect temp has on my ev. I thought I would enter a route and then vary the road conditions temperature and see the difference. I then noticed the reference consumption value for the car and people on social media were saying things like - I am achieving 2.8 miles per kwh so I thought I would adjust the reference consumption value to that. My question is - should the reference consumption be changed or is this a set figure for the vehicle which is tested in certain conditions and then you simply adjust the temperature from that point. I wonder by me reducing the reference consumption value and also lowering the temperature if I am producing results which have had a double negative impact put upon them.

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I don't know excatly, maybe by deleting the car and reselecting it?

Or by disabling detailed settings, click on "no, use standard settings" and finally reenabling detailed settings?

I hope one of those ideas will help you ?

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On 3/8/2021 at 12:31 PM, NickT said:

Unfortunately I did change that reference consumption. Is there a way to reset it / lookup the original value


You can tap the car icon next to where you typed in consumption.  It resets it to reference consumption.  You can also flip Automatic Settings on at the top, but that will also put the charge at your live data and you may want to assume leaving at a higher %. You can then just type that in.  

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