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Charging duration

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I'm expecting to buy an Kia Niro EV, when it appears here in Germany.

During the waiting time I'm playing around with the planner to learn something about route planning strategy and have some questions.

Which charging curve is currently assumed for the Kia Niro 64? There are some around the www (https://goo.gl/images/EengQa) from equal Kona 64 which indicates around 45kW between 10% and around 73% on 50kW chargers and average 65kW for +100KW chargers. Which values is the planner taking into account for "automatic" planning? 

If I add a charger manually to the plan the maximum charging speed is automatically added to the waypoint options.

But how is the charging time (in brackets) calculated? It's not with the Max. speed of the charger. But it's also not with the average values from above even if I enter that manually? What is it?

Example: Using a 175kW charger and charge from 10% to 48%. The brackets tell me 38min. Delta 38% is 64kWh x 0,38 = 24,3kWh / 65kW speed = 0,37 * 60min = 22min.

I love your planner and would like to contribute data when I get my Niro. Go on with your great work. Your planner is really needed in the EV world.


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Since the Kona and Niro packs are identical, they share a charge curve.  This is backed up by the real-world tests performed by users (you can see Bjorn Nyland's videos on 175kW chargers).

As far as charging speed on lower-speed chargers, we work with the data that's provided to us by the charger databases.  If maximum current information is available, we use that to determine the fastest speed your car can charge at.  Otherwise, we have to work from the kW rating of the charger, which may mis-estimate the speed your car will actually charge at, but it should be close.

The actual charge time is calculated from an interpolated charge curve that I've generated based on real-world data from those who actually have Konas and published information about them.

The Niro EV is a great car, it'd be high on my list if I didn't already have an EV in my garage!

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