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Calculated battery state is not easily visible in ABRP

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I just used ABRP App for my first drive of 130km. Citigo is not able to send live data to ABRP, so I thought ABRP would show me easily the calculated battery state.
But in the simple display mode it just calculated that my SOC at destination will not bei 20% - no it will be 30% and so on.

I hoped that ABRP would show me the calculated SOC at any driving time, cause the GPS data is live available. This would help a lot to see, if I discharge the battery way to fast or not.

Is the possible in ABRP App?

Will there be an OBD2 Dongle support in the near future?

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@BarryH I use a Samsung S7 Android.
I tried the Power Cruise Control App and bought
their OBDII Dongle. This works buit I don't like the PCC GUI and the planning style.

I read about EVNotify and they don't support Citigo right now. A user tested the ID.3 option but it doesn't work.
With installed Torque (Lite) an my Android I don't get the option in ABRP to retrive the live data from Torque (Lite).

I don't know when this option will be presented from ABRP App to me. It only says I can connect to Tronity.io or a Generic.
Tronity.io uses the car data which the car sends to Skoda. KIt will only be updated if the car starts or ends a drive - not during a drive.

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@BarryH I just tested Torque lite with my Citigo and I did not find the SOC. Torque was connected to OBD and got some general data like temperature and the voltage of the 12V system.  I use the german version and I don't find an entry for showing the SOC.

Do I have to import something into Torque so that Torque knows the commands for querying the control unit of the car?

Is the Pro version different than the Lite?

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Now I tested and found the PIDs for eUP here https://www.goingelectric.de/wiki/VW-e-up-OBD2-SGBD .
I also found the documentation how to add own PIDs to Torque here https://torquebhp.fandom.com/wiki/How_to_add_extended_PIDs

Sadly it did not worked. Perhaps I had to add the OBD Header but in Torque lite there is no input field for that.

Do you if there is an input field in the Pro version?



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@Valavet 2 years ago I tried torque (but ended up using evnotify). 

I remember that in the lite version of Torque there was no option to send data to a webservice. So I think (but I'm not entirely sure) that you need Torque pro to be able to send the data from your phone to a webservice like ABRP.


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Hi @Jerry Duke!

You have to go to the settings of your car in ABRP.

Then click on ‚settings‘, then on ‚show live data instructions‘. (I don‘t know exactly the english translation, in german it‘s called ‚Live-Daten Anweisungen anzeigen‘)

You will see different options to connect your live data. One of these is Torque Pro. Click on ‚Connect Torque’ and follow the instructions to setup up Torque Pro to send live data to ABRP Webserver.


I hope this will help you connecting your Bolt to ABRP.

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