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Correct me if i’m wrong, please

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Hi All
Purchased premium a week ago and did OVMS integration for MG ZS EV live data. Looks perfect if this is just a route planner, but there are some issues if it is supposed to be something more than that. First of all, when it comes to navigation, it does not detour to a charger if You drive faster and start loosing battery power quicker (setup is to reach charger with 20% or home with 15% - ended up with 5% without any detours or suggestions from ABRP). The other thing is detour if traffic starts building up - this just does not work, it keeps user on the same route as at the moment of planing, does this mean it is not taking any actions or does not respond on any live data like traffic information?  Other thing is reference consumption, which is completely wrong. And last thing, if it is a planning and NAVIGATION system, can we have more information while driving, like lane information (on the motorway when you need to take exit) or exit number on the roundabout before really going in to it?
Many Thanks
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