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iPhone 12 Pro gets really hot when running ABRP?

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I just did a trip in my e-tron using ABRP, and I was really impressed with how well the vehicle battery drain was forecasted, despite the fact there's no data connection available for the e-tron. We corrected the battery % once on the first leg, and then manually entered the % after each charge, and the rest of the time it stayed within 1% for an entire leg.

Unfortunately, the app kills the battery, and makes my iPhone extremely warm. I reinstalled the app, and it seems to be exactly the same. All it takes is a few minutes in APRP (planning a trip or whatever), for the phone to get really warm. Does this happen to anyone else?

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We just did a 16 hour trips and within the first hour, iOS ABRP got so hot the phone actually thermally shutdown. 

I found that we had to remove the case. Also FYI with “low power” USB it definitely drains the battery. Good thing we have an Pro Max!

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