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Driving time on ABRP does not match (by several hours) driving time shown on Google Maps

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Description: I  used ABRP to plan a trip from Jacksonville Florida to Moorestown New Jersey.  Google Maps (done using a regular Google Maps search, not sharing the route from ABRP) shows the driving time for this trip to be 12 hr 18 min (856 miles) while ABRP shows 15 hr 24 min (870 miles).  I get that there maybe some variations in the miles due to stops i make for charging (I assume ABRP includes mileage leaving the highway, getting to a stop, and returning to the highway, etc.) but the mileage difference is only 14 miles and the time difference is 3 hours and 6 mins.   Something isn't right or I seriously misunderstand something.
Even when I shared the APRP route and opened it on Google Maps, there is still a difference (the shared ABRP plan shows up as 13 hrs 37 mins (872 miles) so the mileage is only off by 2 miles, but the timing is still almost two hours (1 hr 47 min) longer on ABRP than on the shared version of the same plan on Google Maps.
Any ideas?
Type: I did the ABRP planning on the website (https://abetterrouteplanner.com)
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It would be great to get more information on how the default average speeds for roads are determined.  I suspect that different people driving 870 miles could easily arrive 1 hr and 47 min apart based on driving style alone.  That's one averaging 56 mph and one averaging 64 mph.

When I click the link to plan, ABRP shows several speed limited legs to conserve energy, which would help to explain the lower average speed from the ABRP planner.

I also note that the ABRP route appears to be slowed by traveling through Washington, DC rather than going straight to the Baltimore/Washington parkway.  I'm familiar with those routes and believe that routing to charger at the Walmart on Georgia Ave in DC would take 20-30 minutes longer than staying on the highways.    

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@MSimpsonNJ Have you considered that ABRP, if necessary, reduces the driven speed and does not use your maximum speed definition or the maximum allowed speed, so that the next reasonable charging station can be reached?

in this case, the route to the first charging station is driven at reduced speed at 101 km/h (62.7 mi/h).


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Solution (for me at least)

I had just come across the same issue. I was planning a theoretical from from Chicago to San Francisco. Google maps says about 31 hours, ABRP says about 82 hours  just in driving time and charging time is extra. How can the ABRP driving time be more than double Google driving time and with an average speed of only about 26 miles an hour?? 

Turns out there was a setting at "Maximum Speed: 26mph" for some reason. I changed it to 99mph and selected "adjust speed" below it and now it works like it should. 



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