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ABRP Avoids segment of US-90 in Louisiana

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Description: Was planning a longer route to Morgan City, St Mary, LA, USA, and ABRP routed it strangely.  I started poking and it looks like ABRP doesn't believe a chunk of US 90 exists.
Type: Webpage planned
Replication Steps:
  1. Click plan link

As you can see on the plan, the route only approaches the waypoints on the road, but never routes on the road.  Here's a link to part of that highway on OSM:


It's listed as a Trunk Road?  Not sure if that's relevant, but the problematic section is where it changes from "motorway" to "trunk".

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So I've figured out the issue, but I don't know OSM etiquette for fixing it.  The issue is that whole stretch has the tag proposed=motorway.  I assume because someone thinks that's how to tag it as a proposed upgrade to the existing highway?  But this breaks OSRM, per taginfo's notes on the proposed=motorway tag:


I assume the fix is to just delete the proposed=motorway tag, but I've never (yet) edited OSM, and don't know if that info should be shunted to some other tag/feature.

I guess the other fix is for OSRM to switch to whatever OSMaxx is doing and only ignore ways that are highway=proposed.  But I expect that's a heavier lift than just fixing the data in OSM.

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