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How to plan with public HPC and Tesla Superchargers


Hello, I increasingly need public HPC chargers and Tesla Superchargers for my long-haul journeys through Germany.
When planning in ABRP, I can now select CCS in addition to Tesla Supercharger CCS.
If I select Tesla, I don't see any HPC chargers or other public charging points on the map to select them as a destination.
If I also choose CCS, the Tesla Superchargers will only be added as charging points if the process works.
However, I would like to charge primarily at Tesla, as it is free of charge for me and only if I can reduce the total driving time by e.g. 30 minutes, charge on a public HPC charger.
How can I guarantee that?

Currently, I always have to make two plans.
One with CCS to see the HPC chargers and then manually add the Tesla Superchargers again.
And a second, only with Tesla superchargers to determine their optimal use.

Many greetings


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