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longer route suggested on faster route, results in 50% longer journey

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Description: A plan that doesn't need chargers, ABRP selects faster roads, as the distance is at the battery limit, sugggests 70kmph max.
If I select intermediate stop on the shorter route, the speed limit no longer necessary -- journey time 50% faster
Type: webpage
Link to Plan: 
when add intermediate stop https://abetterrouteplanner.com/?plan_uuid=2139d341-1a3b-4440-891d-ae91652c919b - trip time drops to 4:13
Replication Steps:



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I've added chergers in Melitopol since, but you can still replicate it by disablibng them en route.

you'd also need to select temperature above freezong


even with chargers present, shorter route comes faster, but is not suggested by ABRP

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