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Hi Remy,

ABRP uses the navigation voice channel on Android. If your car supports it, you just have to increase the volume during a speech, that should then increase the navigation volume only. If that does not work you could check your car audio settings if it has a navigation voice volume you can increase.

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As Google is pretty restrictive with Android Auto we have not so much control on the UI. For example there are no touch events allowed on the map right now, that we could use to implement a zoom in/ou

We don't get car gps, as already mentioned earlier. Android does not offer that data. Telemetry data is not updated often enough to be used in navigation. So the only source currently usable is the GP

We have something planned to get back to drive mode in a way that you can see data again. It's not completely in place yet but will eventually be available.

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On 6/8/2021 at 9:39 PM, Samuel-ABRP said:

We just reworked the logic for "override car position" in Android Auto. Now it is not needed anymore to activate that toggle button to get good position data in AA. The next AA version will also have some other considerable improvements, so stay tuned for the next version (which unfortunately is not publicly available yet).

I used the override because there was too much of a lag in the GPS position coming from EV Notify. That slight lag in SOC wasn't a major issue but with route directions a GPS lag made the app unusable. I look forward to seeing the updated version in beta.

Are you aware of the "logging out" issue? is that being worked on? It's happening to me regularly now. Quite frustrating.

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