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Android Auto Feedback

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  • I planned my route and set my start % and sent it to abrp android auto, it took 3 times of sending for the android auto to respond.
  • It was running very warm on the phone, seemed to take a lot more resource than waze, google etc
  • At one point my cable became unplugged, when i plugged back in, abrp resumed the route but had forgotten my start %, it was back to 100%
    i could set it in the phone app but it would not send to android auto, it said it did but nothing changed on android auto. 
    i had to force-close android auto and phone abrp, re do everything and eventually it was back - thankfully i had a passenger.
  • Entering a tunnel at a cruise controlled set speed for a few minutes, when i exited the tunnel, the estimated map location was off (behind)
Needed features - because the car navigation has them and this needs them if it is to be used instead of the car:
Show current gps speed
Show speed limit
Distance to speed cameras and warnings
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I'm very happy ABRP has gone AA! I ran into 2 issues, though.

1. When using Android Auto place names are not rotated correctly. As a consequence, when driving southbound place names are displayed upside down.

2. When using Android Auto there is no way to show the detailed graph for elevation and estimated course of SoC on the car device (proposal: could be invoked with a click on the estimated SoC on arrival). The graph can be shown on the smartphone, but only at the first start after starting navigation. Later there seems to be no way to show the graph for the active navigation.

I think, parts of my observation have been reported in posts by someone else.



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This morning I used the ABRP app in android car. I'm very happy with it!

A few things worth mentioning:

-It took a very long time at first to calculate the instructions and it seems that the whole system takes a lot of calculating capabilities form the phone (maybe that's just a problem concerning my phone though).

-Uses huge amount of data via 4G. 

-I left with a 'virtual' 29% in my battery, which would be not enough to get to my workplace. The programm arranged for me to charge at a fastcharger close by. However, I did not need to charge so I past it and presumed that the software would recalculate a new route and send me to a fastcharger along the highway. However, it kept sending me back to the first charger it found, so in the end it gave me instructions to drive 60 km back to charge to the first charger it had found. I passed numerous fastchargers along the road wich were not busy. I think the software should be more flexible to recalculate to go to a more appropriate charger along the road if you choose to ignore the first option.

-It could be wise to change the colour of the road that has past. With everything in blue it can be a bit confusing at times when you get to an intersection, or when you have to backtrack a bit. 


Thanks for all the good work!

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On 3/28/2021 at 1:04 PM, AlistairB said:

My telematics data wasn't connected, but an old SOC still showed up, and as I drove it seemed to keep thinking that the old telematics SOC was live and update the destination SOC. e.g. the last telematics SOC update was 42% from the day before, ABRP predicted I would use 6% for my drive. At the start the destination SOC was 36% but as I drove it kept a current SOC of 42% and gradually moved to a destination SOC of 42% by the time I arrived. 

I could reproduce this behavior and we will fix this soon.

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Thank you for this great beta test. Here are my issues

1) I have the issue that the GPS position in ABRP is sometimes off by 50 meters (mostly to the west). Today it happened that during a drive on the motorway A5 I was placed on a parallel road and ABRP recalculated my route.

2) Also an issue is that ABRP keeps rotating while the car is stationary which was mentioned before. Maybe suppress some GPS location noise or at least keep the orientation?

3) The planned arrival SoC is way too low for me (especially on motor way trips). I have set a maximum speed in ABRP that I don't exceed except for rare overtakes. Today ABRP told me I would arrive with 45% but I arrived with 49%. I did already reduce the consumption from 263 Wh/km to 198 Wh/km since it was even more off before. But either ABRP is not using this new figure (maybe due to the link to Tronity?) or the calculations for my I-Pace EV320 are way off since my consumption according to the Jaguar app was 231Wh/km at a speed of 102 kmh.

Keep on improving

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4.0.40 (392):

I like the zoom at junctions, although the functionality seems not to work in all situations where you expect it, e.g. on roundabouts.

It feels that recalculation the route goes quicker.

It seems to try to recalculate to the old route, although there is a better / quicker route to the destination.

Don't know if the icons in the top right are new, but I find them useful.

Already mentioned by others but the turning of the map before the turn is made is distracting and sometimes confusing.

Overall the AA integration works really good already. Kudos to all of you! Live data from EV Notify is very handy.



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Hi everyone


Thanks for providing the Android Auto funcionality. I tried a couple of times, small trips.

I have a Nissan Leaf, 2018, 40 kWh (do not know the version of the software) but I do not have live status from the car.

I have a Xiaomi POCO X3 NFC with the latest updates.

I am from Portugal.


Here is my feedback:

- In my case, the phone needs to be awake and with ABRP in first plan. If I start another application or put screen off, whenever I stop, either in a junction or semaphore, it stops the navigation (updating the GPS position) on AA. If I awake the phone again or showing ABRP, it resumes the navigation.

- The phone heats a lot, which does not happen if I have ABRP on the phone and google maps on AA.

- ABRP calculates some routes that I cannot actually take (one way streets or something like that). And I think this is not related to a delay in updating maps, because those streets are like that a long time ago.

- Maybe you did an update, but in my case, if I do not take the calculated route and go a different way, it takes a bit (not too long) but recalculates the route to where I am going.

- The %SOC visible on AA does not update until I exit from AA and restart a new plan from the app.

- Regarding voice directions, I need to confirm, but on 2021-04-14, it started speaking english and with the english notes. On 2021-04-15, it started speaking portuguese but with some notes in portuguese and others in english.


Otherwise, it is working great. I just need to adjust my consumption in ABRP, to reflect real consumption.


Filipe Almeida



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For Xiaomi you have to disable energy saver settings for ABRP, that's a problem with xiaomi android.

You can check translations for your language here and help improve them:


If instructions or routes are wrong please report them here with samples:

Once new beta is available, please update and check again, we did some improvements regarding SoC handling.

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I've had a couple of issues with saved trips. If I create a trip on the website or using the app and try to load in AA, it doesn't work and throws an error.

Also, which vector maps will you be using? Some other EV charging apps are using Google Maps still so is that an option? Otherwise, I've heard good things about MapBox.

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I've been using ABRP for some time now with android auto. 

Two things still to mention:

1. I guess I have to buy a new phone, since this one does not seem to supply a stable situation to run evnotify and ABRP on android auto at the same time. I often get an error, or ABRP just shuts down eventhough the phone is not in standby modus. I'm using android 7.1.2. The phone is from 2018.

2. Sometimes the arrow that indicates the position of the car has a lot of trouble staying on the planned route. It does happen often that it recalculates the route because the software seems to think that I'm driving on a paralel road. The arrow seems to loose track. 

Thanks for the work!

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abrp beta works fine ( ioniq 28 + xiaomi 4x ). 

The greatest default is that the position of the car is moving forward with fits and starts. That's embarrassing and the precision is bad when there is many roads.

Can you include the speed of the car on the interface ? That's very useful, because of the imprecision of the car speedometer.

Thanks a lot for your work !

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Missing update when battery charge level is updated.

I prepared a trip from my phone a few days before. The last battery charge level from Torque Pro was something like 38%. When I connected the phone to Android Auto (and had the OBD2 dongle plugged in and Torque Pro started). Connecting ABRP to Android Auto had a recharge happening real soon (due to a perceived battery level of 38%) but it was really at 95%. When ABRP was finally updated with the current charge level, the charge stop was not re-evaluated and it wanted me to stop for charging around 78% which did not make sense.

Perhaps when an update like that happens (not connected to connected or a big jump in values), the whole route WRT charging stops should be re-evaluated?

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Using ABRP Beta connected to Android Auto (same trip as previous message). There was a stop added to a charge station (as evidenced by an icon displayed at the top-right of the screen. I wasn't really able to tell which charge stations it was and wondered if it was possible to change that somehow (pressing on the charge station icon seemed to really click on other options above it.

Also I got  A LOT of "there is another route..." popups when I missed an exit. I tried to click on it but I was presented with many options with some truncated text which didn't allow me to use this in a smart way. I finally had to cancel the routing from ABRP and revert to Waze in order to get me out of this and back on my route.

After stopping at a rest area, when connecting back to ABRP, it wanted me to start the trip from the beginning instead of picking up from where we were. After deleting a few previous steps and changing one to "My Position", it didn't want to re-start the routing on AA until I unplugged my phone, stopped ABRP on my phone and restarted everything again.

Thanks for the amazing work!


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Hi @dborn,

that other route feature is quite new and still subject to change. Normally if you miss an exit, there is an automatic recalculation that sends you back to the route. Maybe you were a bit distracted by that message to notice that. We will improve on that.

Can you elaborate a bit more on the last part about not picking up the route? Even if it shows you the full route as preview in the beginning when reconnecting, it should jump straight to the point where you are and continue from there. This should at least happen if you don't stop the navigation when you stop at a charger.

About the battery charge level... ABRP requires live data, to automate everything. So i would propose you wait for the live data to be available next time, or update live data shortly after charging, so you have the correct values for next time. However that szenario should actually propose you an alternative route after a minute or so, and come up ith a notification, that there might be a better route for you (if there is one, maybe it was as fast like that?). The route is definitely re-evaluated, but as this is a very resource conuming task in the back end, it does not happen always. However that proposal when live data kicks in and there is a big change in values to re-evaluate will be considered to improve szenarios like that.

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My biggest issue with ABRP on AA (beta) at the moment is that the position of the car often jumps to a place quite far away from the road, sometimes it even stays there for a few minutes until it is put back on the route. Maybe this happens when it looses GPS, I don't know. But Google Maps does not show this behaviour. If ABRP places me to a wrong position, if I then open Google Maps it has the correct location. So there must be something different how ABRP calculate the position and how Google Maps does it. Can it retrieve the location from the car through Android Auto, or does it use the phone GPS location?

Because of the frequent hops and jumps, ABRP sometimes thinks I have turned around and am going in the other direction, then a few seconds later puts me back on the correct track... it is really weird.

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Please go to your car settings in ABRP and chose override vehicle position if you use live data. That might help to improve gps signal. We only use the gps of the smartphone as the gps data from the car is not available (might be that google maps has it but we don't). 

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Hi to all.


The app is getting better and better, thanks.


One thing is missing though.

I did more than 100 km on a highway and I was always wondering how far I was from the exit. It only warns me about 2-3 km in advance. The distance to next exit or next navigation step should always be visible.


On that trip, another thing happened. As I was close to the charging stop, I saw that I had 5% less battery than predicted. And instead of recalculating another charging point, closer to where I was, it kept giving me the same and telling me to go slower. I tried to choose an alternative route with a closer charging point but it always recalculated again to the first, that was too far away to be reached safely.

What caused this behaviour?


Thanks again

Filipe Almeida

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On 5/11/2021 at 11:09 PM, Samuel-ABRP said:

Please go to your car settings in ABRP and chose override vehicle position if you use live data. That might help to improve gps signal.

How do your location sources actually work? I am driving a Hyundai Ioniq (2018) and use EVNotify to connect live data. When ABRP is plugged into Android Auto, I think you have a total of three sources for location:

  • phone GPS (of the phone that runs ABRP)
  • car data through Android Auto (I guess you can get the car location directly from the head unit)
  • location data from EVNotify (which boils down to GPS of my EVNotify transmitter phone)

Can you elaborate which of the sources you use under which conditions? I was assuming that if ABRP is running on Android Auto, you'd always use the head unit location as this would be the most accurate.


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