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Car Play Feedback

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This thread is for feedback on Car Play.  If you've got directions feedback, please submit that to this thread instead:

This thread should be focused on the specific elements and performance of CarPlay styling, capabilities and features, and overall usage flow of ABRP in Car Play.

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Hi - I’ve mentioned this isn’t the direction thread too, but I’d really like to see current GPS speed in the app and on CarPlay.

This may already be in the latest version, which I haven’t had chance to try yet, but I’d like there to be the + and - battery buttons shown in CarPlay so that those of us without live driving data can adjust the actual SoC, as necessary, through CarPlay.


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I have just tried the latest CarPlay version for the first time and I think it would definitely be good to have a way of setting the start SoC, and then also adjusting it during a drive if consumption is more or less than expected.

As far as I can tell, at the moment I still have to grab my phone to change the SoC.


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