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Directions Feedback

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With the advent of Android Auto and Car Play for ABRP, we're expecting a lot more people using ABRP to navigate on their trips.  This thread is for feedback on the navigation voice instructions, including:

  • Wording
  • Distances / Timing
  • Accuracy
  • Other suggestions for improvement

It's also important to note that we use the Open Source Routing Machine to generate the directions based on Open Street Map, so your best path to improving directions accuracy is likely contributing to Open Street Map to improve the maps in your area.  We recompile from OSM/OSRM every week, so edits should show up in ABRP within a week or two once approved.

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Hi Jason - I still need to test the latest version when actually driving, but I’ve noticed when trying the new simulation mode that the wording is sometimes a bit odd to my eyes/ears. For example, it will say "turn left to Bond Street" rather than "turn left into" or perhaps "turn left onto".

Wording like "drive right in the roundabout, third exit” and "drive slight left in the roundabout, first exit" also sounds odd. These would be better off just saying something like "take the 1st/2nd/3rd/4th exit at the roundabout”.

Also, we Brits are a bit strange when it comes to units - especially distance. People of my generation, at least, tend to use miles for longer distances, but then metres for shorter distances (rather than feet or yards). I know, it’s crazy. I guess it would be nice if there was an option to cater for that.

I would really, really like a GPS speed readout - like Waze does - next to the speed limit. Preferably in both the app and on CarPlay, but definitely in CarPlay.

Hope they helps!


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