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Ignore/Avoid locations with only 1 charger

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Description:  I'd like the ability to restrict the chargers that show to only locations which have multiple chargers. I find generally that I'm always ignoring chargers with only one connector as there's a much greater chance that they'll be broken or in use on arrival and that'd make my journey more complex. 

Additional maybe the ability to only search for chargers which have another charger near bye (e.g. only show single chargers that have another location within X miles) though I appreciate this addition would be much more complex than the above!

Use Case: I would probably use this feature and leave it enabled 100% of the time. It'd make planning my journey much easy and heavily reduce reliance on a single charger. I think it'd also be really useful for people new to ABRP and the EV world as they're less likely to have bad experiences if they have the option to only ever be directed to a site with at least 2 options.

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