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Charger missing in Campbell Town, Tasmania, Australia

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Description: The charging location at Campbell Town, Tasmania, Australia is missing ( -41.929247, 147.494534 )
Type: This applies to the app and website
Other details:
The charger is present in both OpenChargeMap and the Australian fast charger spreadsheet - both of which are used as sources.
On further investigation, similar chargers from the same network located in Avenel (Victoria), Tailem Bend (South Australia) and Tarcutta (New South Wales) are also missing.  The network is "Evie Networks".
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I have more info on this one:

I changed my vehicle model to a Leaf (it was a CCS vehicle before) and the charging location showed up.  It also appeared as a 50 kW site (it's a 350 kW site).  Change back to a CCS vehicle and it disappears!

The data for the site is shown below as well as a similar nearby site:

Campbell Town (one that doesn't appear)


Kings Meadows (nearby 350 kW site that does appear - different network operator)



Is the fact that Evie reports the site as "ccs2" instead of "CCS" the cause?


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