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State of Charge setting is not used for waypoints, unless it's the final destination

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Description: ABRP does not seem to respect the desired SoC setting for waypoints, unless it's the final destination.
Replication Steps:
  1. Create a drive from your home to a destination some distance away. Then press the roundtrip button so it routes you back home. So out, and back.
  2. Set a destination SoC and noticed this gets attached to your starting location (home)
  3. Also click on the gear icon next to your destination and set a desired SoC that is higher than you'd normally get. For example, if you start with 80% charge, with one charger stop along the way, and you'd end up with 50% at the destination, change the desired SoC to 60%
  4. Run the routing and notice that no matter what you set for the SoC, it will just recommend the same amount of charge at the SoC and it'll never change the arrival SoC at the first location.
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I just want to outline, that this bug still exists and its a big pity for plannings.

I also do not see this bug in older versions so it should not be a big issue to solve it.


PS.: I can see overlay log messages on the map (beta.ab...). When klicking on the map, they disappear. Is that behavior wanted?




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