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Driving Model:

Option 1 - Analytical - Max speed: 60km/h in normal mode, 40km/h in ECO mode. If max speed is exceeded (downhill, rear winds), then recharging braking is activated automatically, no way to go around it.
Nominal engine power is 5kW, but can be overloaded. Continuous overload: 10kW. Short term "burst" overload: 30kW max, for 20-30 secs.

Originally built car: weight is 820kg, battery energy is 10kWh, max range is 120km at 60km/h
My modded car: weight is 640kg, battery energy is 16kWh, max range is 200km at 60km/h

Option 2 - Data-Driven - At dry roads, 25C degrees, no wind, and horizontal flat road following values apply:
60km/h requires 4.8kW , therefore 80Wh/km
55km/h requires 4.3kW , therefore 78Wh/km
50km/h requires 3.6kW , therefore 72Wh/km

45km/h requires 3.0kW , therefore 66Wh/km
40km/h requires 2.4kW , therefore 60Wh/km
Fun fact: one time I had to escort a group of bicyclists for safety (avg speed 20km/h, max speed 30km/h), and there was no noticeable consumption from the battery after 110km ...

Option 3 - Direct Car Connection - Originally no telemetry provided by car, only voltage and amps displayed on the dashboard. (Resolution of Amp meter:  10A between 0-100 , then 20A between 100-200 , then 50A till 400A.  Resolution of Voltage meter: 0.1V)
The engine controller is a SEVCON 8035 Gen4 Size4 Three-phase AC motor controller, that support connecting CAN-bus devices, like the SEVCON ClearView Display. This can be bought optionally.
In my modded car there is a 123SmartBMS Battery Management System as well, that can connect to any smartphone or tablet via BlueTooth 4.0

Charging Model:

Charge Curve - There is only 1 phase AC charging possible, no DC charging. Onboard charger is TCCH-25 Lead Battery charger.
Original charging curve: Continuous 2kW charging up to 70% SOC, then a linear reducing of the power to 200W until 100% SOC, then turn off.
In my modded car: Continuous 4kW charging up to 100% SOC then turn off.

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