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Harald Friedrichs

How to sign out and renew sign in?


I estimate that I am not registered with the Sign in dates I used for my Tesla. I think that therefore I have inacceptable bad connection to the ABRP server. So I can' t use ABRP in the car.

Now I think that this Problem could be solved if i could sign off and register again with my Tesla Address and PW.


Can you help me to manage this process?


Thanks in advance,

Harald Friedrichs

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Hi @Harald Friedrichs,

Just to clarify, we don't support registering an ABRP account using your Tesla credentials. However you may create a connection between your Tesla and the ABRP account to be able to use live data and also send plans to your car.

To link your car you'll need to have a 'saved vehicle'. You can create one in: Settings (detailed), instead of clicking 'select car model' click 'add my car'. You'll be presented the linking options after this.

However if you've already created a saved vehicle, you can do the following;

1. Go into: Settings (detailed ) > Car model
2. Click the cogwheel to the right of your saved cars name
3. If you're using a device with a smaller screen you may have to scroll down a little to see the linking options
4. Select 'Link MyTesla' and login with your Tesla credentials, alternatively provide a token

Having your car linked does provide a better experience and more accurate planning, but I'm curious if the connection issues aren't caused by something else. If you're still having issues could you describe how these problems were presented?


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