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82 kWh for Model 3 Performance 2021 ?

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Hi @Toma,

I'm aware we replied to you on twitter but if anyone else has the same question;

No, the useable battery capacity should be less than that number. Currently we're guesstimating based on experience but as we receive charging data we'll be able to analyse this and if needed make corrections. 

Should you feel that our predictions are off somehow, do tell us and we'll look into what we need to change ? 


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Thanks a lot, if you can analyse the datas to go from Beta to Final it will be usefull.

2019 Model 3 Performance have a 77,8kWh battery

2021 Model 3 Performance have a 82 kWh battery

But your estimations thanks to your "guestimating system" show something very similar. I think (or hope) the 2021 with 82kWh should be better.

Thanks for your time ?



Model 3 performance 2019.png

Model 3 performance 2021.png

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The actual capacity of the 82.1kWh-marked battery seems to vary between some 79.8 to 81.5kwh, and the average seems to be somewhere in between.

Mine shows 80.6kWh as nominal full with scan my tesla but charges to 81 or slightly more if charged to full (2021 M3 Performance 8000km, build 17/Nov/2020 and taken out 30/DEC/2020)

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J'ai l'impression que la capacité de la model 3 performance 2021 est fausse.

Mon abrp indique 0% de dégradation de batterie après 37000km.

Il m'indique une capacité de 77,6kWh.

Allez vous corriger cela?

Meilleures salutations

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