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Torque Pro Temp is Wrong

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I am using Torque Pro to send data to ABRP.   A mandatory log setting is for *Air Temp-Filtered.  My Bolt is reporting -40c for this value when the Ambient Temp is right around freezing.  ABRP shows my -40c when taking this value from Torque too.  This seems wrong to me, has anyone else experienced this?  Is there a way to fix it?  Thanks

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Amusingly, I added support for this PID as the primary temperature source due to a request by another user in another thread (and it seemed to work well for my own 2018 Bolt EV):

I'm happy to switch to a different PID (or support multiple PIDs), but before I do I'd like to understand why these sometimes provide odd values.  Perhaps there's a model year dependency? What year Bolt EV do you drive?

Also, in the PID list there are four different PIDs, 220046, 22232C, 22801E, and 22801F, I assume these are the ones shown on your screenshot above? 

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I have noticed that sometimes PID 220046 also reads -40 when it is not.  This seems to happen sometimes when the car is not turned on. I have also noticed that the speed sometimes reads 255 when the car is not on.  I have a 2020 Bolt LT.

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