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Push next route point to Tesla navigation

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I primarily drive on the Tesla navigation due to its better visualization. Since a few versions ago Tesla supports sending locations to the vehicle for navigation. It would be awesome if ABRP could automatically or suggest to manually push the next destination of the trip to the car. Currently I need to manually search the next destination while I'm on route. Which is especially annoying if the trip route changed due to traffic or just because you forgot to take the exit 😉

This is the API doco https://tesla-api.timdorr.com/vehicle/commands/navigation


Use Case: 

I would use this *all the time* as I'm doing this manually at the moment.


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Cool! I just implemented a first version and added a button to the ABRP Share menu if you are logged in with MyTesla. Works, but we need to figure out how to send the lat/lon coordinates instead of an address, and preferably make the Tesla Navigation understand that we mean a specific supercharger. Any input on that is welcome!

Right now we send the string "<lat>,<lon> (<name>)" as address, but it seems like the Tesla ignores the lat/lon.

Let us know what you think.

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I think, it's only the next point, because the API can only read one point at a time.

I also recognized that Tesla ignores coordinates also if these are send from Google Maps.

It can only handle complete adresses, that can be found one to one within the Tesla (Google?) database.

Because of this, in many cases the transfer from Google Maps to Tesla does not work at all.


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