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Newcomer from France

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Hi all,

I'm a fresh user of a second-hand Ioniq 28 kWh, from Normandy, France. I just drove it from Mont Saint-Michel to Cherbourg yesterday and am already in love with it.

I've heard of ABRP for a while now, and it helped me choose the one VE I needed (but is it the one I deserve ? ? ).

It came to me that a lot of 22 kW charging points of the Manche (a part of Normandy, north-western french coast, in the Channel) from the eCharge50 / SDEM50 network (two names, one network, french bureaucraty at its finest) are missing from ABRP and thought maybe I can help get their emplacement and status.

anyway, glad to join ABRP community today !

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Hi @McOtelett,

Welcome in! Lovely to hear ABRP could ease the transition to driving electric! 

Should you like to also connect the vehicle for live SoC we do have a few options to choose from for the Ioniq 28 kWh. If you haven't already, you can use this comparison: https://abetterrouteplanner.com/compare/livedata/

Regarding missing chargers, it is absolutely something users themselves can help out with. Currently we fetch charger information from a mix of sources, both directly from some networks and from open and editable sources which users themselves can add to. You can read more about this in this blog post below:



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