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Mark Verberkt


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Hello. Thanx for adding CarPlay. Great feature. 2 things: 

on my Kona screen de arrow of the car position is to the right of the screen. That’s because on the lift appear the information about time and directions. But on the right side is also the sign foR maximum speed and for SOC actual and on arrival. Those signs block my view on the route. Is it possible to place those signs also tintje left and leave more space voor the route?


second. Is it possible to show the DC chargers along the route on the CarPlay screen? I like to see where Incould go for charging apart from the one that I am driving to.





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Here a photo of my carplay screen. As you can see there is plenty of space on the upper left. The route is partially blocked bij the battery icons. If the battery is displayed in the upper left then there is more space to see the route. 


Thanx in advance for looking in to it




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