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Bill N

Charging curve in cold weather

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My understanding is it doesn't take it into consideration yet, same for if the car has wintermode and it's activated.
I recall reading it might come in the future when they have more data, I have not had the chance to test it out so do take my answer with what it is, my best guess until we can get a official answer.

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Sounds like it doesn't then.
My understanding is that before this linked post they did not have a way to log the battery temp that is needed in order to generate new curves depending on the temperature in the pack, could be wrong tho.
Since to my knowledge there is still no way to easily differentiate cars with or without the heater it might still not be a good idea for them to make temp based curves since they would be inaccurate if bot cars with and without battery heaters are placed into same curve


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I was thinking that even without live battery temperature data, it could be possible to adjust the curve based on an estimation of the most likely charging 'shelf' given the outside temperature, distance driven, and whether there have been any previous charging sessions during the journey.

This YouTube channel is really insightful and from the data provided I would have thought it should be possible to come up with a set of adjustments to the curve which are applied in certain circumstances. It wouldn’t be perfect, but it’d be better than ABRP just assuming every session will be as if it took place in ideal conditions. 



@Jason (ABRP)

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