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Change charging power does nothing

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Description: once a plan is calculated, when you click on a supercharger to edit the schedule, if you change the charging power and re-calculate, nothing happens to the plan and you stay at this supercharger for the same time. You have to stick with what ABRP think it is and you cannot change the charging power, It's crazy that this doesn't work as it's probably the most useful thing in this app. 
Type: Android app and website, all versions
Link to Plan: every plans I tried in France
Replication Steps:
  1. Create a plan with Tesla model 3 superchargers.
  2. Click on the settings icon at a supercharger (note the time you stay at the supercharger)
  3. Change the power to 10kw
  4. click on calculate
  5. The time you stay at the supercharger is the same.


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This isn't just for Superchargers - I've found it when changing the charging time on other chargers. I find that unless you hit the back button and then the plan button again the change isn't reflected in the plan.

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Hi @Zarax@AlistairB,

Sorry for the confusion! Currently you would have to also enter either a time duration to charge for or a % to charge up to in order to have this change applied. If both power and time/% are input there should be no issue with the change. We do want to support the use case you're describing and it's on the list for future development.


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