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A few issues


Hi. I only started using ABRP a few days ago. 

1: When I view my saved trips, each day has a number of trips where I wasn’t even in the car. The distance travelled is maybe a couple of meters and the route is just a zigzag around my location.  I thought it was maybe my device moving around the house but in the settings it is not set to override car location with device!

2: When on a planned route using CarPlay the only directions that are spoken are for roundabouts. No other junction has provided voice directions. Haven’t used without CarPlay so dont know if its the same without it.

3: i finished my trip about 30 minutes ago but when i go to the saved trios my last trip seems to be continually telling me the end time is the current time. This is really screwing the average speed for the trip. Its like Abrp still thinks my trip is ongoing.

4: when i go to a date to see my saved trips the trips are listed but the distance travelled and average speed are shown as 0. If i press EXPORT the distance and average speed appears but if i go to a different date and then back again they reset to 0 until i press export.

5: Most of the Start and end locations on the saved trips are set as UNKNOWN

6: the battery % is hidden by the CarPlay side bar - i see you know about this already.

7: my trips seem to be short by a good few KM. when i view the trips there are straight lines across large sections of the trip rather than the roads i actually took. I presume ABRP is just using these straight lines as the distance.


I purchased the app for a year as i was hoping to use the premium features but they dont seem to be working. Is this just me or are others having these problems? Hopefully you can advise if its just my settings need adjusting.






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Hi @JimJay

It seems that your car live data app is tracking you although you are not sitting in the car. What app do you use for live data?

You should configure your live data app to send only live data if it's connected with the OBD dongle.


I also use the premium feature of ABRP since some months and it's working fine. I use Torque Pro for live data.


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