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Portland Oregon to Libby Montana a trip i have been taking for 30 years, trying to get this Planner to follow the simplest route

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Have made this trip once last fall with Tesla 3 Standard range(company vehicle)  I have been told Abetterroute planner is better than the Tesla Trip planner, so now that i making a trip in the Winter, thought i would try it out,  HOWEVER, the route ABRP cannot seem to plan the route correctly, here is the shortest fastest route,
US 84 east to US82 to 395 north to US 90 east to 95 north(ID) and hwy 2 east to Libby
ABRP wants me to go to Seattle via I5 then 90 east,  if i add waypoints to try and force the route directly east on 84  via, Troutdale, The Dallles OR and then Pasco WA.  just doesn't work, 
Tried this both in web browser and the Android app?
I will be leaving Friday 1/29 16:00 PST  
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