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What is the proper way to use ABRP on a trip without a built-in browser?


I have been planning trips with ABRP since I got my car but since I have a Standard Range Plus Model 3, I don't have an in-car browser. I have logged into both my Tesla and ABRP accounts on my phone and can pull up the plan but there seems to be a disconnect because there's really no way of telling ABRP I'm on the road starting my trip, if I am going somewhere else altogether, or am actually just running errands. It's not like running Waze or Google Maps navigation where the app expects you to be taking a certain route and can track your progress. I understand ABRP is a planning tool and not a navigation tool but having it send data to ABRP during your trip and your charging sessions is presumably desired, so ABRP can improve routing. 

So with all that said. what is the correct way I should be using it? Should I just load the plan and access the site from my smartphone, and leave it running in the background? Again, it's not a useful tool to keep in the foreground since it's not doing anything. I'd prefer to keep music running on my smartphone. Will keeping it in the background affect its ability to send data to ABRP servers? 


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