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iOS Carplay Queries PDC


Hello, upgraded to premium just to run ABBRP on Carplay and initial feelings are positive. Couple of questions,


1 - The right hand side of the screen with the battery and destination info/graphics are obscured by the Carplay menu. Is it possible to move them slightly more central ?

2 - Is it possible to option a split screen view with the consumption graph and navigation visible at all times ?


Great progress so far.

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Hi @Padraigdc,

1. It seems like the way the CarPlay menu bar adjusts itself for cars with the steering wheel on the right side creates this issue. We're currently looking into fixing it! Meanwhile you can still use the app on the side for viewing the %
2. Unfortunately not. Apple do have rather harsh limitations for what can and cannot be done in CarPlay but it is still possible to have the ABRP app running simultaneously and let the graph be viewed there while following navigation on the CarPlay screen. 


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