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How do I delete my Tesla from my account?

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Hi, I’ve experienced way to much drain on my battery when it’s just sitting idly in my garage. I’d like to disconnect my Tesla from this app (since I had to sign in with my Tesla credentials) to stop this draining. I’m losing like 1 mile per hour of sitting. I changed my Tesla password but the problem still persists. Any help? 
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Hi @PatU,

I'm aware we resolved this issue via mail but if anyone else is looking for a solution, this is how:

1. Go into settings (detailed) > Car model
2. Click the cogwheel to the right of your saved car
3. You'll now be in settings for this vehicle, of which at the bottom you should see the button 'unlink mytesla'
4. Click the button and the token used for the connection will be deleted, hence the connection will be broken


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