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Road Trip from Las Vegas NV, to Cottonwood CA

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hey there my friends, 

i am going to drive from LA to Las Vegas and then Las vegas back to my cousin's town in Cottonwood California. 

I checked 2 possible routes from Las Vegas to Cottonwood. 
1 Going towards Mt Grant/Walker Lake and following to RENO inside Navada,
1 Going back towards California through Fresno towards Sacramento. 
I will be driving a Mustang Convertible, (probably the 2.3L Ecoboost).
I'm wanting to do the Navada route, but i'm quite afraid to go out of GAS and the only gas station i seem to find along that route would be in SPARKS/RENO more than half way. 
I would think that there are probably more gas stations along the way, but can't be sure.

What would be the safest way to go? Has anyone done any of these routes before?

Kind Regards.

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Seeing as this is a forum for Electric Car route planning, I'm not sure we can really help you on the Mustang Convertible, but if you were looking to upgrade I know you can get a customized Tesla Model S Convertible like this one:


With that, the road trip would be extremely easily doable, tons of Supercharger options, and some really nice route options:


That, and the Model S is a pretty great car to drive around with or without Autopilot.

Good luck with your road trip either way!

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