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Show something more useful when no plan found

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It took me a while to realise that 'No plan found' wasn't a bug but meant that I would run out of battery if I attempted that trip. However, it would be useful to give some more useful feedback. Potentially display the journey anyway, with the predicted negative charge. This would give users an indication of the part of the route that was not achievable which could help them plan an alternative route or choose to stay the night somewhere or only go part-way.

Use Case: 

This would be useful for anyone who attempts an impossible journey! Would be interesting to know how often that happens...


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Definitely a good idea, something we've considered implementing.  At the moment changing the planner to produce that kind of output would be kind of difficult.  I really like the "negative charge" route display.  What we've been thinking about recently is "No Route Found - (Retry with Defaults) (Report Error)", where Retry with Defaults would set "safe" settings and let you retry the route, since often people set high goal charge or really high consumption, and can't make plans they could before.

Would a different result message help?

In theory, this kind of error should be shown less and less as time goes on as more chargers come online.

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Yup a more informative message would be a good start. Perhaps "No Route Found - (Change Settings) (Report Error)" ie prompt people to review their settings, rather than resetting to default. Maybe they changed one setting and forgot about it, but everything else is their preferred settings which might be a pain if reset. You could add a "Reset Settings" button next to a renamed "Reset Route" button to offer that functionality if you wanted.

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Hi @israndy,

We have since implemented some more informative error messages, but since routes can fail for a combination of reasons it'll take a bit more work to give very specific messages. If you've got a route that fails with a non-descriptive error message, please submit an error report or post the link here so that we can review it.


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