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Dr DuMont

Is there a "For Dummies Stat With Step One" guide anywhere?

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For some reason, the ABRP interface leaves me absolutely flummoxed. Is there a step by step guide how to set up and use ABRP?

I have two Tesla Model 3 SR+. Last time I looked, in the setup it asked for the Miles/KWH figure. Now I see a 4. ??? What is this?

I want to occasionally set for a 100% SOC when starting out. Can't change it from 90. Seems to me I used to...

I want to plan/check a route other than what ABRP suggests (side trip, see if I can make it from X to Z without stopping at Y, things like that. But half the time, the search function comes up with a location totally different. Like a different state or even a different name.

I have ALMOST gotten used to the squirrely behavior when clicking on the map, repositioning or zooming, but can't seem to avoid setting a placeholder that I then can't delete. The U/I doesn't seem to follow mouse navigation standards. (Firefox here).

Some days a known route will not plan. I KNOW I can get from A to B to C (superchargers), but then i am told to detour 40 miles out of the way, the system ignores B. It's right on the way! So I delete the plan entirely and re enter it and I MAY or MAY NOT get a different result.

And I believe there is some way to create a trip on my computer, and zap it directly into my car's planner, but it certainly is unknown to me.

Yes, I know it is "free" software. I would subscribe in a New York minute if I could know it is going to work for me. If I can master that, out comes my credit card. I see you have put in a TON of work on this, and the math must be more complicated than Chinese arithmetic. I thank you for it. But thus far, it doesn't leave me with a warm fuzzy feeling.

If I could just figure out how to make it work... I'm old school. I read manuals first. IF there is a manual to read.

OBTW, I am a Die Hard Android / PC user. No Apple / Mac hardware here. It it's an Apple/Mac only thing, then I won't bother you again.

Thanks for listening,

-- Doc

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@Dr DuMont

- yes, indeed, there is no manual. and it can be frustrating to find which option to use in what way. Feel free to post specific questions or search previous posts. Small complication is that the app and site still develop quite rapidly, so sometimes solutions change.

- ABRP can be used on Android/Windows/iOS. Developers used Android.

- the question about the 90%.  if you want default 100% SoC, then you can set that in car settings or, if for a single trip, use the settings (radar wheel icon) at the right of the starting point field, to set departure SoC.

- the planning is sensitive to average consumption which can vary due to temperature, rain forecast, forecasted consumption (I use live data connection and sometimes the high consumption of a recent trip does result in a new plan using a high consumption).


 I'm not familiar with the tesla integration (i use a OBD2 dongle and run abrp on an Android 8 phone), so cannot assist with the tesla specific items.

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Hi @Dr DuMont,

As Barry replied above, no there is currently no manual but it is on its way.

Regarding the '4' in reference consumption, you might have clicked the unit button to switch to mi/kwh @ 65 mph which is equal to 250 wh/mi @ 65 mph.

You should be able to set 'Departure SoC' to 100% in Settings (detailed) > Departure SoC, is this not possible?

You might need to be more specific with inputs, such as adding the zip code, state etc. You can also type the location and then select a matching option among the suggestions in the drop-down.

If you're using the web version and you have a mouse with a scroll wheel / button you may simply scroll forth/back to zoom in/out. The point of the map you've placed the marker is the one you'll zoom in/out on. For the apps you use two fingers to zoom. Double-tapping/clicking also works.

For questions about decisions made in planning, it is very helpful if you include a link to the plan in question. You can generate a link to a plan by clicking 'share' and 'share ABRP link' or copy the url from your browser when you've created a plan.

Correct, 'send to Tesla' is also a feature. However, you'll need to have your car(s) linked in order to be able to use it. I can see that you have added your two saved cars however neither have been linked properly. To do this, go into: Settings (detailed) > Car model. Then click the blue cogwheel 707968426_Screenshotfrom2020-11-0414-47-46.png.a3fe4f4452750ebacf1f49841ee5208b.png to the right of the vehicles name and you'll be sent to vehicle settings. Here you may link the vehicle. If you're on a device with a smaller screen you may have to scroll down a bit to see the buttons. 


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