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Avoid tolls EXCEPT if a waypoint is on a specific portion

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Description:  When "Avoid tolls" is selected, allow to go to a waypoint even if it is on a paying highway (enter and leave the section just for the waypoint). Most maps apps are able to do this (google maps, chargemap...). At this time, i have this error if i try:


Use Case: Everytime you plan a trip. For example, to go from Linas (91) to Dijon (21), way 2 is much cheaper than way 1 and still allows you to use ionity chargers.

Way 1 (do not avoid tolls): You pay 19,10€ in toll for a 5 hours trip.


Way 2 (do not avoid tolls, but multiple waypoints to avoid paying sections without ionity): You pay 4,6 € in toll for a 6,5 hours trip.




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