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Kia Ora!

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Where are you from? Christchurch, New Zealand

What car do you drive? Nissan Leaf (24kWh)

What's the longest trip you've taken in your EV? 550km in one day, about 10 charges from memory... Christchurch north to Culverden, but then the trip was aborted. Return to Christchurch and then south to Dunedin!

PS I'm a web developer for a GIS company... let me know if you're looking for contributors! I built a web app showing NZ charging stations (https://hiko.kiwi/). Started to work on a route planning / charge prediction feature for that which I got partially working (although not live).... but frankly this is much better. Many thanks and good work ABRP team!

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That's excellent! New Zealand is a beautiful country, and I hope to visit one day.

We're always looking for some help, you should send myself and Bo an email if you're really interested.  At the moment one of our bigger needs is some help with the UI, and / or app development.  Bo and I are both engineers, and the UI shows it!

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