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dwight hibdon

Premium login to two devices?

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Hi @dwight hibdon,

As @BarryH says it can be used on multiple devices. The premium subscription is only tied to one account and not a specific device, there's also no limit on how many devices you may log in on.

If you're still having trouble logging in, do make sure that you've chosen the correct login method as you may link your facebook, apple or google account and use as login method. However you must then click the button for google etc. to use it.

And if it still won't work, you can request a password reset link by instead of logging in clicking 'forgot your password?'.


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Hi there,

I have a premium subscription and I have been able to login with my Apple ID on both my iPad (originally) and on the web on my iMac.  However, I don't seem to have access to the Premium features on the iMac. It keeps bringing me back to the Premium feature page and informing me that I already have a subscription but the features are not activated (the My Drives for example)

Any help greatly appreciated! It's a great app!

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Hi @chrisale,

I presume you're trying to log into the iOS app when run on your iMac, could that be correct?
This way of running the app isn't entirely supported at the moment and I'd suggest to use the web version instead.

If you currently do not have a login method other than Apple ID you can choose 'login with ABRP app' and scan a QR code with your phones camera. You'll then be redirected to the app where you'll approve the logging into the account in your browser.


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