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New roads/closed roads



Not sure if that is the right section or if similar question is already covered anywhere (tried to find, but failed).

Is there any way to mark road as closed or notify about new road opened?

For example - here in Warsaw we have new bridge opened last month, but ABRP still ignores it (which makes some routes completely useless). Satellite image doesn't even have it finished :)

Or maybe just any info on how much time it usually takes such changes to get to the map?


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Hi @Olek,

Currently we process maps and update them once a week. How recent the satellite images are is unfortunately not something we can affect as it'll be either Apple's or Google's satellite map images, depending on which device you're using.

However, you can make edits in OSM, OpenStreetMap if a newly built road has been opened (or if an old road has been closed). Do note that we currently do not process seasonal closures, but any other basic edits such as new roads, speed limits etc. is all fine.

This is easiest done in the web version: If you click the blue line close to where the change should be made, you'll get additonal information about that exact point but you'll also be given the option to 'edit in OpenStreetMap'. Click it and you'll open that place on the map in OSM.

Should you need any help please link more information about where these changes should be made.



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