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Add Australasia to the "Regions" dropdown when selecting slow chargers

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Please add an Australasia (or Oceania) drop-down to the region menu for slow charger filters. This would cover both New Zealand (my home!) and Australia (who have the same plugs as us) and potentially some other countries.

EV Plugs: Type 2 (official AC plug for NZ), J-1772 (also common), North American Tesla (I think - don't have a Tesla so not too familiar sadly)

Wall plug: Type I, CEE Blue

Use Case: 

This would make journey planning in NZ/Aus much easier. We have a pretty good EV charging network but it is patchy in places, so cannot rely on fast chargers alone.

Nissan Leaf is popular here, and many people have a Type 2 to J-1772 cable for AC charging. However, because Type 2 and J-1772 are in different regions, it is not possible to use ABRP to plan a journey that uses both plug types simultaneously!

We're up at 13,000 EVs and 160 fast charge stations in NZ - improving ABRP's localisation for NZ would be a big help for people considering switching to an EV. So many Kiwis say they still need an ICE for long trips... but ABRP is a great tool to prove that EVs can do long trips too!

Thanks ?

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Good suggestion! I've added it to the list of things to do when I work on the settings.

For now, you should be able to select Type2 / J1772 by switching between the EU / NA regions, and all will (should?) show on the map.  If they don't let me know and I'll see if I can identify a bug.

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+1 for this!  There are slight differences between Australia and New Zealand, but there is enough overlap to group them:

Our EV plugs are (common to Australia and NZ)

  • J1772 (same as US - generally max 7.2 kW)
  • Type 2 (same as Europe - generally max 22 kW)
  • Tesla (same as Europe - generally max 22 kW) - can confirm both Australia and NZ use the European connector

Our wall plugs are (with comments relating to Australia, not sure about NZ):

  • 10A socket (max 2.4 kW) - referred to as "Type I" by Arthur - this is the common one that is in all households.
  • 15A socket (max 3.6 kW) - described in the "Type I" link Arthur posted - not common generally, but in Australia it is the defacto caravan park standard, however I don't think this is the case in NZ.
  • 3-phase socket (max 22 kW) - technically a "32A 3-phase socket" - not common generally, but is seen in industrial settings.  However it has been used extensively in the Round Australia Electric Highway, making it very important for EVs.  It exists in NZ but is almost non-existent.

The fourth wall plug that should be included is the one Arthur mentions - CEE Blue - I haven't seen in Australia so I assume it's NZ only. 

I'll have a go at doing up some icons for these in the coming days, but here are some images:

Picture of 10A vs 15A (very similar, probably can just use the same icon)


Picture of 32A 3-phase:


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