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Tesla CCS charger disappear if I add non Tesla CCS charger to the map

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Description: If I add both Tesla and non Tesla CCS to the Map, all Tesla CCS Charger disappeared 
Type: iPad App and Web App (31.12.2020)
Link to Plan: no route plan needed 
Replication Steps:
  1. Set  Fast Charger to Tesla CCS, you will see all Tesla CCS Charger
  2. Add non Tesla CCS in the Fast Charger Settings 
  3. go back to the map and you see no Tesla CCS but a lot of non Tesla CCS 
  4. now you can zoom in or a known Tesla CSS, the Tesla Charge comes back to the map (city street level?)
  5. if you zoom out Tesla CCS disappear again 
  6. if I plan a route, ABRP decided to use only the non Tesla CCS
  7. Car Tesla SR+ Start with 100%
Remember, the more detail you can provide in your bug report, the faster we can fix it!



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Hi @Juergen,

I can agree that this is a somewhat odd behavior but it is merely visual, and I can assure you it does not affect planning.

In this case, the most likely explanation for why a non Tesla charger was chosen instead is the lower charging time. There is no default preference for the Tesla network even if you are planning with a Tesla but you may set a preference in: Settings (detailed) > Battery & Chargers > Network preferences


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