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[New Car] MG MG5 EV

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Car Specs: https://ev-database.uk/car/1313/MG-MG5-EV

Driving Model:

Option 3 - Direct Car Connection - Details of PID's in csv format for Torque app attached to this post

Charging Model:

Charge Curve - Insufficient data yet to be able to provide this as the car is brand new

Hi, my first post on this forum, I've been quietly following this app for some time but haven't until now actually had use for it. I really think the world needs a powerful tool like this for making the adoption of EV's happen. Keep up the good work!

I got a brand new MG5 EV on Christmas Eve this year 🙂 Since then I've been scouring the internet and fiddling with my OBD2 dongle.

I discovered a lot of work done by the guys over at https://discourse.mymgzsev.com/ for getting the necessary information out for an MG ZS EV and as the MG5 is very similar I've managed to get most of the information to work (with the exception of ambient temperature and odometer readings). The responses I'm getting back from the PID's are occasionally blank so I've had to take samples over time and then used the MAX function to filter out blank values. It's pretty stable but sometimes 0 values still creep through, strangely the Battery Temperature readings are completely fine. I've done a few test drives and recorded the values being shown on the driver display unit and the values coming into torque and they now match up.

Live charging information is going to be tricky with both the ZS and the MG5 as the car alarm is set off if the OBD2 data is read while the car is locked. However the car does report it's Max Charge rate all the time so this may be the way to get this information.

The data I'm currently able to capture from the car is;

  • State of Health
  • State of Change
  • HV Battery Voltage
  • HV Battery Amps
  • HV Battery Coolant Temp
  • Maximum Charge Rate
  • Is Charging

Then with GPS data from the phone I believe this is everything needed to do the live data, most of this should work with the ZS as well but someone with a ZS would need to test.

I have my torque app uploading data to the torque web server at the moment to start building up some data so when I have more info, I'll update you with some basic profiles.




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Seem to have most of the data required now for an initial model, only got the low end of the battery to capture now.



Speed (mph) Avg Power (kW) Efficiency (miles/kWh)
0 4.35 0.00
5 5.42 0.92
10 4.94 2.02
15 6.50 2.31
20 8.12 2.46
25 10.75 2.32
30 9.74 3.08
35 10.23 3.42
40 10.88 3.68
45 12.22 3.68
50 16.34 3.06
55 17.27 3.18
60 21.83 2.75
65 22.13 2.94
70 25.36 2.76

SoC (%) MaxChargingRate (kW)
28 82.3
29 81.6
30 80.7
31 80.6
32 80.9
33 78.5
34 78.1
35 76.8
36 75.8
37 75.6
38 75.2
39 75.1
40 74.9
41 73.6
42 72.7
43 71.8
44 72.1
45 71.7
46 71.4
47 68.8
48 66.4
49 66.8
50 64.1
51 63.0
52 61.7
53 60.9
74 46.8
75 36.5
76 34.6
81 33.9
82 33.0
83 31.7
84 30.5
85 28.2
86 26.8
87 25.1
88 23.4
89 21.9
90 20.6
91 19.3
92 17.5
93 16.1
94 14.1
95 12.7
96 11.4
97 10.1
98 8.6
99 7.1
100 6.1
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Wow! This is some seriously great data to work from.  I've put together an alpha model based on this data, please go play with it on the site and see if it matches up with your experience.

We can add Torque Live Data support very easily.  Is the PID list your work? If so, would you like us to host the list, or would you prefer to post it on Github (or some other public repository) we can point the download link to?

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Hi, those values seem really good for the MG5.

I had a quick play comparing a journey from Edinburgh to London with an MG5, Zoe 50, Peugeot e208 and Tesla 3 LR 2021.

I did a quick post about it on SpeakEV here:


It's a great result for the MG5 being faster than the Zoe and the e208 - are these sorts of charging speeds consistently available?

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Hi, Sorry been quite busy and not checked the forum for a while. Thanks for getting this setup, I'm glad you like the data, my day job is working with data so I'm a bit of a pro 🙂

I'll get it hooked up and play about with the Live data.

The PID's are my work based on that comuunity's work for the MG ZS I linked in the post. So please go ahead and host the file, I don't have a git hub account let alone anything hosted on there.

FYI: The Battery SoC is the actual state of charge rather than what is shown to the driver (the driver display shows the percentage with some buffer space at the top and bottom discounted). I might do an update to have two battery levels, one actual and one as displayed.

The charge speeds are available (assuming you can find a 100kw+ charger) it's really not too bad, Once this pandemic is over I'm looking forward to taking it out for some good long drives. Rules allowing I'll take it on a 600mile journey over the summer, with the whole family.



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To further explain the charging rate, it's what is reported by the BMS on the limitation of the maximum allowed charging rate. I have compared this to actual charging rates and they matched. Also consider this is with a cold battery, the highest internal temp of my battery from these recordings was 5C so I think you could even get higher in the summer.

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@LiamWhales - I've got the PID list set up and hosted on our Github:


We absolutely welcome inputs (and other manufacturer PID lists as they pop up across the internet).  My expectation is that when we add direct Bluetooth support to the ABRP App, we'll auto-import these lists to the app, so really good to keep these up to date.

Please run through the setup instructions to connect with Torque Pro using your PID list, and see if it works for you.  For reference, since you have a lot of 'computation' PIDs, those have virtual PID values assigned, which is how our Torque receipt service identifies which parameter is what.  If those ever change on a new version of the list I'll have to update the server.  You can see what virtual PID it's assigned in the "select what to log" screen (see attached photo)

Finally, the MGs aren't the only cars out there that throw the car alarm when you try to access with the doors locked, but I bet the smart people working on it will figure out a way around it.  In the meantime, if you want to contribute some charging data you could always stay in the car through a charge session with the OBD running to collect data.

One final thought, if anyone has an MG ZS EV, try using these PIDs to access data on your car too, perhaps they share PIDs.

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Thanks for this, I've setup my phone and so I can start to get some logs through your servers. Checked and it's all working and data is coming through but haven't taken it out for a run yet.

With regards to the alarm, I believe the guys in the OVMS community have managed to get it working. It involves sending repeat tester present messages to keep things awake but that will drain your 12v Battery, not sure how I'd do that with torque though or if it's even possible. I have started work with a PiZeroW to communicate with the car, so I can do just that and record my SoC live while at home, to help my home automation system out a bit and not have to keep taking my dongle out of the OBD2 port.

In terms of the MG ZS, that's what the community is working on, all these PIDS will work for the ZS although I think I did have to change some of the formulas, which ones I can't remember. I think the only PID differences between the vehicles are the HVAC ones.

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I'd be really interested in your PiZeroW project, actually, I've been tinkering with a lot of different OBD devices to come up with a really good device to help people get ABRP working with live data for cars, and that's one that's just shown up on my radar.

My ideal solution would be something where you plug this thing in, register it to your account, and it downloads the PID list from our repository and starts updating your data.  Then, when your phone is in the car you could get data directly from the device via Bluetooth or WiFi, so you're not beholden to cell network coverage.

My most promising device in this regard is an Arduino-based dongle called the Freematics, but it's been slow going with all the other stuff I've got going, and embedded C++ is definitely not my specialty.

But a Pi-based device seems like a really good compromise, still cheap, but easier to program.

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I'm happy to update you with anything I manage to achieve with it. At the moment I'm just using to Pi to communicate with a Bluetooth OBD dongle and most of my effort so far has been in managing the Bluetooth connection.

In terms of what you are wanting to achieve, wouldn't a standard ELM327 Bluetooth adaptor do the trick, paired with the phone, your app could easily read the data from that, in the same way the Torque app does. Then the data can be handled and logged locally and uploaded if there is an internet connection.

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